Lam Laurent Pham

Since July 2019, I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Brandeis University.

I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from Yale University in 2019, advised by Professors Gregory Margulis (Yale University) and Emmanuel Breuillard (University of Cambridge).

I am primarily interested in Lie groups, their discrete subgroups, and arithmetic groups.

Previously, I completed an M.S. in Computational & Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University (with a short stint in the Mechanical Engineering Department). Even earlier, I received an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering (with a focus on Plasma Physics) and a Diplôme d’Ingénieur at Ecole Centrale Paris, where I studied Plasma Assisted Combustion.


2019PreprintUniform Kazhdan Constants and Paradoxes of the Affine PlanearXiv

Books and translations

I enjoy translating and giving a new breath of life to old French mathematics classics by translating them into English. If you would like to work together on an old classic, please let me know!

1969ForthcomingArmand BorelIntroduction aux groupes arithmétiques
1965In ProgressArmand Borel & Jacques TitsGroupes réductifs

Invited Talks

2019Apr 8Yale UniversityGroup actions and dynamics seminar
2019Apr 3Wesleyan UniversityTopology et al. seminar
2018Nov 23University of CambridgeDiscrete analysis seminar
2018Oct 30Rutgers UniversityNumber theory seminar
2018Oct 26CUNY Graduate centerNew York group theory seminar

Upcoming (tentative) travel

YearDatesConference TitlteLocation
2019June 10-21Random and arithmetic structures in topologyBerkeley (USA)
2019May 27-31Dynamics of Group Actions, une conférence en l’honneur des 60 ans d’Yves BenoistCretaro (Italy)
2019May 19-24Equidistribution, Invariant Measures and Applications: A tribute to the Legacy of Marina RatnerJerusalem (Israel)
2019Mar 25-29Number Theory and Dynamics ConferenceCambridge (UK)
2019Feb 17-21Super Strong Approximation in GroupsJerusalem (Israel)