About Me

Since July 2020, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, hosted by Elon Lindenstrauss, supported by a Zuckerman postdoctoral fellowship from September 2020. I am on leave from Brandeis University where I am an Instructor of Mathematics since July 2019.

I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from Yale University in 2019. I am fortunate to have had Professors Gregory Margulis (Yale University) and Emmanuel Breuillard (University of Cambridge) as advisers.

I am primarily interested in algebraic groups, arithmetic groups, and their generalizations, and representation theory. I enjoy learning about their connections to pretty much any other topic (click here for more details).

Previously, I received an M.S. in Computational & Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University (with a short stint in the Mechanical Engineering Department), focusing mostly on probability theory. Even earlier, I received an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering (with a focus on Plasma Physics) and a Diplôme d’Ingénieur at Ecole Centrale Paris, where I studied Plasma Assisted Combustion.

Recent Papers

2020Transformation GroupsUniform Kazhdan Constants and Paradoxes of the Affine PlanearXiv, Published 
2020Accepted, Israel Journal of MathematicsArithmetic Groups and the Lehmer ConjecturearXivFrançois Thilmany

Books and Translations

I enjoy translating and giving a new breath of life to old French mathematics classics by translating them into English. Click here for more information.

1969Published by the American Mathematical Society, edited by Dave Witte MorrisArmand BorelIntroduction to Arithmetic GroupsAMS Bookstore